The Braveheart Principle

Conscious companies need conscious leaders. 

While that statement seems obvious it deserves some investigation. The biggest challenge facing your company is not the cause your company set out to lead, or the circumstances in the world surrounding that cause. It is entirely the quality of your leaders. 

Many companies will turn a blind eye to a team member who is no longer a fit for the culture simply because the hassle to replace them is inconvenient, especially when that team member is productive. 

Similarly, companies will often patchwork together their leadership team on the fly because the growth of the business demands it. 

Both of these scenarios put a lid on the growth of the company. Both are inevitable. It’s just part of the process of building a successful company. It’s what conscious leaders do about it that makes the difference. 

One of my favorite movies is Braveheart and in that movie there is a quote from Williams Wallace to Robert the Bruce which says, “Men don’t follow titles. They follow courage.” We’ll call this The Braveheart Principle. 

Your willingness to press into these lids as a leader tests your courage. Will you risk losing clients in the short term because you need to replace a team member who has accounts or teams that are loyal to them, in order to curate a stronger team for the long term? 

Will you make moves to switch your patchworked team members into the right positions that fit their strengths, even if it delays your quarterly goals? 

The rest of your team can feel the pressure these lids puts on the business and they’re watching to see if you have the courage to act. 

You set the bar for what you’re willing to tolerate. As a conscious leader, you model what courageous conscious leadership looks like. And if you would just lead them, they would follow your example and the leadership quotient of your entire team would rise.

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