Strategic Plans Gone Wrong

The majority of strategic plans don’t work for one simple reason…

There’s no buy-in. Without buy-in, it doesn’t matter how “strategic” your plan is, how much you paid the consultant to help you create it, or how impressive it looks. Without buy-in the plan quickly fades into the background and it’s business as usual. 

One of the biggest reasons this happens is that the process of strategic planning is overly academic, bypassing the heart for something that sounds intelligent.

If we can get past the ego-stroke that strategic planning represents, as if having one made you more valid in the company of other successful businesses, we could see that the real strategy in a strategic plan is engaging the hearts of those in our team who will implement this plan. 

That’s buy-in. 

To get this kind of buy-in requires the founder or CEO to trust their team and be open to a co-creation that comes from the collective team. 

When the team is engaged in the creation of the plan, conscious companies access wisdom and perspective that otherwise wouldn’t see the light of day. This is where real strategy lives; in the hearts of the whole team. 

This will challenge your desire to control the outcome and it will expose the degree to which you trust your team. But If surrendered to the process, it will yield a transformative plan that not only catapults your results, it will open a better path to your purpose as a conscious company

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