Blue Ocean Content Marketing Secrets

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Marketing is different for conscious companies. Yet we get pulled into the red ocean of marketing shenanigans because that’s what we see competitors do or gurus teach. 

You may be implementing all the greatest content strategies from Pillar Content to Micro-Content, podcasts, YouTube subscribers, Insta stories, and so on, trying to keep up with the marketing Jones’. 

Or you may fall on the other end of the continuum and hold the line on your values, resisting to sell out and market like the others. But leaves you invisible to a wider market of people who really need your products and services. 

Both scenarios are a response to the existing Red Ocean. 

Today’s consumer is not looking for a volume of content. They don’t care how many times a day you post. They care how flashy your logo animation was at the beginning of your video or how amazing your lights and camera are. 

If you’re a conscious company, your consumer is looking for what’s real. They’re looking for others with heart. They’re looking for conviction, not a content calendar. 

Which brings us to this post’s Content Marketing Secret…

Before any of the marketing tactics take place, you must get clear on what conversation you’re leading in the world. 

Marketing is simply a conversation. It is not selling. It is not advertising. Marketing, specifically through your content, is a conversation you’re leading with those you seek to serve. 

You can see that if you don’t know what the bigger conversation is, your content is reduced to sound bites, graphics, and information that don’t resonate. This is not a volume game. This is a resonance game. 

Like a puzzle, your path to clarifying what your company’s conversation requires you to turn over the puzzle pieces of what you already know about that conversation. 

Use questions like these to turn over those puzzle pieces: 

  • What difference do you want to make in the world? 
  • Who do you want to make the difference for? 
  • Where are those people stuck? 
  • Where do those people want to go? 
  • What do you value? 
  • Where does your industry get it wrong? 
  • What path has your company already paved to make it better? 

As you get clearer on the answers to these questions you’ll begin to see a theme emerge. This is the essence of the conversation you’re leading. With a little iteration you can give this conversation a name, like a show has a name. With that name, your conversation not only takes on a life of its own, you give your people something to connect to and come back for. 

This is how you foster relationship with thousands, even millions of people, at scale. Lead a conversation that both you and they are interested in, and do it from an authentic real place. Do this and you’ll earn true fans for life.

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