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Unlock the Power of High Performance to Build Your Company


High performance allows an individual to have more energy and operate in an optimal state. When employees implement high-performance, it positively impacts a company's bottom line.

It creates businesses that are self-motivated, and invested in the growth of your company. One of the best ways to create business growth is by helping each individual employee understand how to tap into high performance strategies now.

High performance optimization should be incorporated into every part of a business's growth plan. This leads to better customer experience, stronger team culture, and more growth for your organization.

Building a high-performance optimized company starts by building a strong foundation and educating the team on the key principles of modern business growth strategies.

We are a high-performance consulting agency. With years of experience, we can help improve every aspect of your organization.

Groundswell Agency was founded to help conscious companies stay focused on and build strategies around their Important Work in the world. Too many purpose-driven companies get sidetracked from that purpose on the path to success. 

They get buried in Key Performance Indicators and stop measuring Key Human Indicators. From strategic planning and conscious leadership to powerful relationships internally and externally, Groundswell's signature approach was created to optimize the performance of high performing teams and companies.

"Gallup estimates 17.2% of the U.S. workforce is actively disengaged which costs an organization approximately $3,400 for every $10,000 of salary (or 34%)."

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